For over two decades our firm has worked with families and their independent legal and accounting advisors to provide comprehensive wealth management services designed to minimize taxes, maximize assets transferred to family members and charities, with governance and management of family assets controlled by family members to the greatest extent possible.

We have the pleasure of maintaining relationships with credentialed legal and accounting firms as directed by our clients. Tax attorneys engaged by our clients are often CPA’s as well as attorneys, and have a Masters in Tax Law (LLM). Moreover, many of these attorneys are members of the American College of Trust and Estate Counsel (ACTEC), a select group of attorneys active in the practice of Trust and Estate law, having contributed substantially to the field by lecturing, writing, and teaching.

Working with these talented advisors we help model, design and implement customized arrangements for each family with a goal of maximizing assets transferred to future generations.

Abridge Partners does not provide legal or tax advice.  All of our clients should and do consult with their legal and accounting advisors for legal and tax advice.

Current Condition Analysis

Our work begins by analyzing the current asset structure and ownership along with the documents controlling the disposition of the family’s assets. The current condition creates a baseline of comparison with projections of the efficiency of assets transferred and confiscation of assets by income and estate tax.


We then work with tax counsel to design alternatives to enhance assets transferred to future generations. Our modeling demonstrates the effectiveness of each strategy by measuring the improvement of each alternative, and providing the forecasts to simplify better and more informed decisions for our client and their family.


Once decisions are made we work with the family’s accountant and attorney to execute necessary documents, changes in asset structure, and changes in asset ownership. The conclusion of this process keeps the family informed with an independent team of advisors working together to maintain and administrate the new structure.

Maintain & Administrate

Family dynamics and changes in tax laws require alterations and updates. We work along with each family’s tax counsel to keep each family informed regarding changes in tax laws and work with each family as these changes occur or their objectives change.

Our ambitious goal is to keep each family’s planning where it cannot be improved within the confines of their preferences and desired outcomes; while maintaining access to a team of independent advisors working collectively for the benefit of each family that we serve.